Vivre sans rêve, qu'este-ce? (What is life without a dream?)

Edmond Rostand
At an early age, I fell in love with computers and the Web. I taught myself a variety of skills and formed a great network of friends from around the world. For the past several years, I've been fortunate enough to meet and work with many incredible people and cutting-edge technologies. Apart from developing software, a few of my passions include classical music, Oklahoma football and playing piano and tennis.
  1. New Position at Tailwind

    Senior Product & Software Engineer

  2. Visited Vietnam & Venezuela

  3. MBA, MIS & Entrepreneurship

    University of Oklahoma

  4. Visited Vietnam

  5. Began iOS Development

  6. New Position at ONEsite, Inc

    Senior Software Developer

  7. Joined Toastmasters

  8. Began Learning to Play Piano

    Yamaha P-85, Weighted-Keys

  9. Sky Diving!

    10,000 ft, Cushing, OK

  10. BBA, MIS & Entrepreneurship

    University of Oklahoma

  11. New Position at ONEsite, Inc

    Software Developer

  12. Began PHP, MySQL Development

  13. My First Apple Product

    iPod Color, 20GB

  14. High School Diploma

    Edmond North High School

  15. Learned to Drive Stick-shift

  16. Launched My First Website

    The Wireless Wizarding Network

  17. Launched My First PC Game

    GameMaker Software

  18. Began Learning HTML

  19. My First Harry Potter Book

  20. Began Learning to Play Clarinet

  21. My First Computer

    Hewlett-Packard, Windows 95

  22. Moved to Oklahoma

  23. Hello World!